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10 Real Sex Scenes In Movies

Add to that the fact that the storyline follows a gorgeous Englishwoman as she travels to Morocco, and you have the makings of a completely sensual cinematic experience.

  • According to many, the stars of Lie with Me, Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour had actually had real-life chemistry on the set.

  • It should come as no surprise that steamy sex scenes are a given in most if not, all? Like Antichrist, Don't Look Now is about a couple Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie grieving the death of their child.

  • And indeed, rumors circulated about actual sex happening during filming.

20 Celebrities Rumored To Have Had Real Sex On Camera

Love 2015 This French romantic drama has lots of unsimulated sex and all of it is in 3D.

  • In the remarkable movie Intimacy 2001 , he plays a man having an affair with a married woman Kerry Fox he barely knows.

  • It wasn't all roses, though: One New York City theater that screened it for obscenity.

  • This Bengali film features its lead actor showing his erect penis on camera, plenty of sexually-graphic scenes and ample nudity.

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