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She loves sharing what happens in her life with her fans and mostly does so through her YouTube channel, which has almost 45,000 subscribers.

  • Or maybe you are a fan of huge natural breasts? Today, we actually have E-sports athletes competing and winning millions and millions of dollars in events all over the globe.

  • A good example of the kind of stuff CinCinBear likes to share with the lucky individuals who follow her on social media are her travels, like the time she vlogged while she was in Japan, which was super entertaining.

  • But, if you would like a better look at her day-to-day personal life all you have to do is join the more than 213,000 people who follow her on Instagram.

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  • The year of 2016, however, was when she began to drift away from that image of a Hearthstone player and started to become more eclectic in her choice of games, which turned out to be a huge deal for her following numbers.

  • Blondiewondie was, at one point, one of the most famous female streamers on Twitch, and a large reason behind that is because she was how could we describe it? She loves playing League of Legends, and while she might not be a world-class player, Schyax is still entertaining to watch.

  • It took a few years, but she has finally reached the astounding number of more than 471,000 followers on the website.

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